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Forex Trading, The Kids Love it

Forex Trading: The Kids Love It

If you use the FXCM forex broker trading platform, no doubt you have visited the FXCM research and opinion website

As you peruse the site, you can’t help but notice the youthful faces of many of the columnists. This is not exactly a graybeard crew.

Take John Kicklighter and his sidekick Jaclyn Sales. The daily FX video that these two put together is one of the most informative daily online videos about the current currency markets.

What you notice, watching that piece of programming, is how young these kids look, while simultaneously holding forth on a dizzying array of forex-related issues. Kicklighter, for example, appears to eat forex for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Jaclyn Sales clearly aspires to be the next Maria Bartiromo.

These People Never Lived Without the Internet

What you must realize, if you are not of the Sales/Kicklighter age demographic, is that these people have never lived without the Internet. They do not know life without instant, constant connectivity. This gives this younger crowd an advantage in the forex markets.

Granted, other demographic groups have their advantages, too—if you’re older, you should be wiser—but the information know-how peculiar to this generation cannot be underestimated in terms of profit potential in forex trading.

Kicklighter, especially, might as well have a computer screen where his face is. Sales, though she is mostly in question mode during these videos, also throws in forex picks and currency trading strategies and encourages you to follow her on Twitter.

“Child Found Selling the EUR/USD On iPhone, In the Bath”

What is pretty funny, though, is to picture Kicklighter and Sales’ children.

Not that they will have children together, or are even romantically involved. We mean only to point out the probability that you may soon find your child selling the EUR/USD at age eight. At the very least, every child in America should have a forex practice account by age 12. The mathematical challenges alone could change our country.

All joking aside, the currency markets may represent one of the better career fields available to young children if they are disposed to the collection and dissemination of money-related information. Unlike many other fields, there is job growth here.

Just don’t be shocked when you someday see the headline:

“Kindergarten Child Caught Trading Forex During Morning Recess.”

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