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Are Forex Robots the Next Frontier for Software Developers

For computer geeks who want to conquer new and undiscovered digital lands, today’s technology-business environment may seem a little stale, even boring. Similar to when Ernest Hemingway said that he wished he had lived in a time before all the great stories had already been written, today’s ambitious, freakishly smart software programmer may wish that he or she lived in a time before all the great code had already been written.

Such an individual may want to take a hard look at the forex markets as a place where the major forex trading software innovations are yet to come—and ripe for the coding.

Software developers who build legitimate forex robots must vanquish the most daunting digital tasks around today, and may well get incredibly rich in the process.

The Best Forex Robots: The List Is Short

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this opportunity is the conspicuous lack of competition. To the best of our knowledge—and we research the best forex robots with regularity—there are at most four to five forex robots which have shown a track record of consistently helping FX traders make money in the markets.

Forex Megadroid, FAP Turbo, and Forex Automoney are three forex robots which have proven to us and to others that their technology is powerful and their results are real.

Beyond those three, things start to get a little iffy. Not that other forex robots don’t work or are a scam, but most of them just haven’t proven that they work in various types of markets. Frequently, untested robots work in one market, then tank when the market changes, leaving FX traders no richer than they were when the robot relationship began.

For an intelligent, crafty, and experienced software developer that is used to thinking of Google and Microsoft as the competition for any new venture, getting into the forex robot business may look like becoming a big fish in a small pond.

But this perception is illusory.

Forex Robots Are Like Movies: Easy to Criticize, Hard to Make

As any software programmer will tell you, the more variables there are to any given scenario, the more challenging it becomes to translate reality into bits and bytes. The incredible number of variables affecting the forex markets at any given point in time, all at the same time, makes programming a forex a ridiculously formidable task for any software programmer, no matter how much of a guru you are.

Seriously, let’s think about the various variables that you might need to consider, as a software developer, if you were writing code for the hot new forex robot:

-- Forex-related news events and rumors
-- Global investment flows
-- Buy and sell sentiment at the major forex brokers
-- Secret forex signals from trusted sources
-- Historically important price levels for currency pairs

And that list, unlike the list of proven forex robots, could go on for pages and pages. To be quite honest with you, we are not smart enough to know all the variables that a software developer would have to consider when programming a forex robot.

Similar to making a Hollywood movie, the sheer number of moving parts that must be managed renders the creation of a superior forex robot a tremendous accomplishment.

Hard to Do = Big Money for Whoever Can Do It

The investment bank Goldman Sachs is an excellent example of how stupendously profitable the creation of a reliable forex robot can be.

In the second quarter of 2009, as the banking industry was trying to crawl out of its crater, Goldman was gold mining the forex markets; trading of cash and “derivatives” (many of them FX-related) accounted for a full 63 percent of Goldman’s profit in Q2 of 2009. Do you think that kind of success had something to do with software programs that are owned by Goldman Sachs and anyone who steals them might “go missing”?

Corporate secrets are serious business. Ask Coke.

The impossibly complex software models used by Goldman to identify currency trading opportunities may not technically be called “forex robots,” but in reality they are the same thing: computer software programs that tell you when and how to trade FX.

The first and probably best opportunity for any future computer geeks who develop forex robots, then, is to do like Goldman does, and use the robot for your own profit. This is one reason why we are so skeptical of most forex robots:

If this trading algorithm was so “99 Percent Accurate,” why would you be trying to sell it to the public for $99? Why wouldn’t you keep it to yourself and make infinite amounts of cash in your own trading account? Why would you share with us?

Because you’re a generous person, dear software genius. Because you’re a magnanimous, kind, and community-minded soul who knows that the best technologies, the ones that live forever, are those that make many people richer, not just you.

So go ahead then, dear software genius. Get to work on the hot new forex robot…and please let us know when it’s all ready for us to get a load of.

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