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ZuluTrade Review Review: Forex Signals from the Tribe

Of all the forex signal providers we’ve tested, we’d have to say that one of the best and most likely to be around for a long time is What’s great about ZuluTrade is that it’s not a single source—it’s a sort of “forex signal by committee” model.

If you haven’t checked out yet, it’s definitely worth a look.

How (and Why) ZuluTrade Works

ZuluTrade capitalizes on the whole “crowd-sourcing” phenomenon, this idea that the wisdom of crowds is significant when you have the technology on hand to identify the smartest members of the crowd and give their advice special emphasis.

This is exactly what ZuluTrade does with forex signal providers: it separates the real deals from the scammers and half-wits by requiring that anyone who wants to post forex signals to accept monitoring of their own personal FX trading account by

In other words, put your money where your mouth is or else don’t speak.

As someone looking for accurate forex signals, this model gives you great access to view which providers are really making money, as opposed to someone who has put up a flashy landing page and is claiming to make money trading FX.

Third party verification of results is, in our view, essential when choosing a forex signal provider. ZuluTrade is a great third party verification source because it is clearly in the company’s own interests to maintain the integrity of their information; once they lose that, they have no business.

 Other third parties in the forex signals business are not nearly so objective.

ZuluTrade as a Community for Serious Forex Traders

Another cool thing about ZuluTrade is the notion implied by the company name that individual forex traders need a community in order to be successful. This is largely true. We have not met successful individual traders who don’t interact with other successful individual traders on a regular basis. You can’t beat the big banks by being a lone wolf.

ZuluTrade does a decent job of facilitating those interactions (although there is also room for improvement on this front). It’s similar to Facebook in that you can view the signal provider’s profile picture, past performance, and commentary about current strategies.

As different forex signal providers compete for the top spots, the forex markets earn their reputation as the meritocracy to end all meritocracies—top signal providers are knocked off their perch constantly, giving rise to the next young Turk with the hottest FX picks.

Bad pick last week on the EUR/USD? Off with his head!

The Drawbacks of Starting a Free Demo Account at

We’d love to be one of those curmudgeonly critics that finds fault in even the most innovative product, and it’s true that this isn’t a commercial for, so we probably should find something critical to say about this compilation of forex signal providers competing like heck to prove that they’re the best…

But alas, on this occasion, we really don’t have much negativity to offer, other than the standard sauce about “forex trading involves significant risk of loss” and all that—which, to be quite frank, if you don’t know that you shouldn’t be buying forex signals in the first place.

In conclusion, to sum up, we don’t know of any reason why signing up for a free demo account at, and then if you like it buying a monthly subscription, is a bad idea.

On the contrary, this decidedly Web 2.0 website with the funny name may be the best place on the Internet to find forex signals that are accurate and profitable.

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Of all the forex signal providers we’ve tested, we’d have to say that one of the best and most likely to be around for a long time is Read the ZuluTrade Review  arrow

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