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Forex Trading Software

Forex Currency Trading Software: Three Favorites

Yes, trading forex can be a bit tricky. It takes a lot of planning, study, patience, persistence, determination, analyzing, time and commitment. The good news is that there is software designed to help you. Lots of it. 

The  abundance of forex currency trading software, in fact, can make it difficult to choose. It’s like going to a shoe store that carries every brand, every size, for the last five years.

Here are five of our favorite pieces of FX trading software, along with short explanations of why we like them:

1. The Stealth Forex Trading System

If you are looking for a forex robot software program, also known as an Expert Advisor or EA, you can do much worse than to check out The Stealth Forex Trading System offered at

The main points that we like about this software include:

-- High probability trades

-- Easy installation to Meta 4 trading accounts

-- Built in trading safeguards like stop losses and trailing stops

-- Weighted pivot points that account not only for price but for volume and momentum

-- Instant download

-- Works for both scalping or day trading

-- Accommodates all currency pairs

-- Compatible with the broker of your choice

-- Free email support

-- Free system upgrades when new versions come out

2. RTFX at

One forex broker that doesn’t get enough press considering how good its trading platform is would be the folks over at, otherwise known as RTFX.

RTFX offers a powerful combination of nice features, including:

-- Commission free

-- 24 hour a day trading

-- Streaming prices

-- Instant execution

-- Free charts and news

-- Daily market comments

-- 24 hour support by chat or email

So many new forex traders go automatically to one of the big forex brokers like or This is primarily because among the less well-known forex brokers, there is a fear that these smaller brokers are not up to snuff.

This fear is unfounded when it comes to RTFX, which is one of the best of the bunch when it comes to a forex broker that doesn’t spend millions on advertising.

3. GFT

GFT does do a ton of advertising and we’ve got to give this organization credit for creating one of the most visually compelling and technologically slick trading platforms on the market. You can trade on GFT from your iPhone, for example.

GFT also give you access to “Dealbook 360,” the GFT Web-trading platform that lets you trade from any device directly through the Internet, rather than downloading an application to your personal machine. Other forex brokers would love to go all Web-based, but haven’t figured out all the technical challenges.

For other examples of why GFT forex currency software kicks butt, please see:

-- Substantial currency news resources

-- Solid forex charting capabilities

-- A complete set of analytic tools

-- Cooperation with automated trading software

And did we mention you can trade forex from your iPhone through GTF? If you have an iPhone, GFT is sure to be your forex trading software of choice.

At least until the other brokers catch up, that is.

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