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Learn Forex by Participating in the Forex Community

Ernest Hemingway once said. "Writing, at its best, is a lonely life." The same can be said for currency trading-- unless you find a community of forex traders to commiserate with; then trading forex with a group can be extremely fun and productive.

It can be hard to find a good forex trading community, though. The issue of money often makes for difficult social interactions and currency trading is no different on that front. That being said, finding a good forex community can vastly improve your trading abilities while providing you with the latest forex tips.

So it's worth the search.

Why It's Good to Not Be Alone
The first step to finding a suitable forex group is to commit to give up the lone wolf mentality, at least momentarily, so you can commit to being part of a group effort. This does not mean that you will tell everyone else your picks, nor do anything else contrary to your desires.

Rather, the best forex communities are me-focused entities, where everyone involved is following Adam Smith's advice to pursue one's own self-interest as a means of serving the greater good. In currency trading, there is no charity work required.

Instead, look to milk a forex community for all it's worth. Seek out:

  1. Specific trade set-ups and forex robots identified by other forex traders.
  2. Information about the pairs you like to trade.
  3. Forex news and educational materials that are not garbage.

You can find friends in online chat rooms, via Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and in forex webinars. When interacting, go for yours and rest assured everyone else will be doing the same.

That directness is part of what makes learning forex so much fun.

Get In a Room with Pros
If you have the chance, we would recommend getting in close physical proximity to a few professionals who trade as a pack. If you live in an area that's not close to London or New York, seeing the spectacle may involve travel. If you really love trading forex, it's worth it.

There is something magical that happens when four super-smart dudes are in a room watching, talking, and trading foreign exchange. It is, in a word, fun.
Increasingly, forex training courses are offering a version of this face-to-face communal content. Andy Shearman's FX Money Map course, for instance, now includes invites to new forex traders to come on down to the office and "have a laugh," as those Brits call it.

John Carpenter, author of Mastering the Trade, has also brought numerous traders into his personal office for training purposes. Being where other people can watch your trades can be uncomfortable, but there is a performance-enhancing boost that comes from that discomfort.

Plus, as noted, it's fun.

Create Your Own Currency Trading Community
If you don't find the forex community you're looking for online or in person, maybe you should consider starting up your own currency trading community. All you need for a nice forex group is two or three traders at your level, so creating community is entirely possible.

Regardless of whether your forex community meets online or in person, it is beneficial to honor the fact that the forex markets are, by nature, a communal phenomenon. When you know what's going on with your fellow traders, you can gain valuable insights into what's going on with the currency markets.

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