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The 5 Best Things about the Best Forex Signals

The best forex signals are all about one goal: making you money. Every forex signal provider can be measured according to this simple criterion:

Will this forex signal help you make money, or will it cause your account to languish or decline? It’s a pretty black and white scenario when you get right down to it. You are either making money or you are not making money. There is no third option.

But the starkness of this either/or reality should not be taken to indicate that there isn’t a certain “the journey is the destination” experience that occurs when you’re using the best forex signals. After all, what you learn by getting good signals may ultimately prove as valuable as the signals themselves, if what you learn makes you a better forex webtrader.

To that end, then, of being about the ultimate goal but also respecting the process, here are five great things about working with a great forex signal provider:

1. The Best Forex Signals Make It OK to Be Completely Naïve

By far the best thing about the best forex signals is that you don’t have to be a forex pro to make money like a forex pro. In fact, you can be completely naïve and be able to count the things you know about forex trading on one hand and still make money--as long as you are taking direction from a capable forex signal provider and have a willingness to learn forex.

Plus, when you’re working with a super FX signal provider, you will be provided with educational materials that will teach you the game in an effective, impactful way: through real trading. The best forex signals are the perfect on-the-job learning experience.

2. The Best Forex Signal Providers Offer Transparency

The next thing we love about working with top-notch forex signal providers is how these guys really have to work to keep our business. The best forex signal providers are committed to transparency: they will show you their performance each month.

If the forex signals are bad one month, they show that, too. They don’t just show you the successful months and then hide the rest. They bare all, and we like that.

3. The Best Forex Signals Can Come Via Cell Phone

Call us frivolous but we like getting text messages that cause us to make money. With the best forex signals, you are able to receive SMS alerts that tell you, right there on your cell phone, what to buy, at what price, and when to sell, and at what price. If you have mobile trading set up on your phone, you can act with immediacy on these tips.

Best of all, the best forex signals via text message never include the phrase “LOL.”

4. The Best Forex Signal Providers Encourage You to Be Pips-Focused

As we’ve noted elsewhere on this site, forex pros are focused on earning pips, rather than focusing on the dollar figure of how much your account is “up” at any given time. Pips are the unit of success in forex trading, and if you are making pips consistently, you can rest assured that the profits will follow.

The best forex signal providers are always focused on pips. You should be too. And when you hang out with these guys, you will be. And that’s a good thing.

5. The Best Forex Signals Help Keep You Regular

Any forex trader who’s been working the FX markets for more than one day can tell you that maintaining control of your time when you’re engaged in trading forex can be very difficult. You may find yourself obsessively thinking about trading the EUR/JPY, for example, while you are supposed to be helping your kid with his homework.

The best forex signals help you create a trading life that fits into your whole life. Forex signals are sent out at pre-set times, and only at pre-set times. Good forex signal providers don’t bombard your inbox with constant spam, but treat you as if you have a life to lead and are not always every second thinking about trading forex.

This habit of the best forex signals to come at specific, pre-determined times can help you stay in the habit of putting forex trading in its proper perspective: as a part of your life, not your whole life and if you’re not trading forex, you’re not living.

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